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May 30, 2021


Experience Brands welcomes Frank Sloots as the new Group Controller effective May 2021.  Sloots brings with him over fifteen years of multi-national experience in various capacities relevant to his new position.  In the previous six years, he was the Group Controller with Vanderlande Industries, a global leader in future proof logistics automation for airports, parcel delivery organizations, and warehousing for a wide range of industries.  His customer focused mindset has prepared him for success in his new role.  He will be based in Eindhoven, Netherlands and Luxembourg and will report directly to Chief Financial Officer, Willem Snieders.

Snieders noted, “Frank will streamline internal processes within our brands globally and drive numerous internal projects to improve the performance of our brands.  These initiatives will be supported by his focus on the customer experience and towards achieving sustainable profitable growth.  We are honored to welcome him to the team.”

Experience Brands is a fast-growing global lighting conglomerate comprised of medium-sized agile production and innovation facilities that work very closely with its specific markets. The goal of the group is to combine the experience, capacity, and capabilities of the individual businesses to achieve maximum service and performance to the customer. Experience Brands has a comprehensive portfolio of leading lighting companies to meet the needs of the market. The brands and companies under the umbrella of Experience Brands benefit from a worldwide distribution and sales network, extensive production facilities, and shared infrastructure.


For outdoor lighting:
Griven (Italy) –architectural dynamic lighting solutions
Hess (Germany) – premium design-driven luminaires and site furnishings
Pantheon (United States) – commercial lighting products
Vulkan (Germany) – roadway lighting

For indoor lighting:
Lamp (Spain, France, Mexico, Chile, Colombia) –extensive range of architectural interior and exterior luminaires.
Nordeon Lighting Solutions (Germany) – sustainable lighting solutions for industry, retail, and logistics.
SCHMITZ | WILA (Germany) – premium brand for architectural lighting
WILA UK (Great Britain) – high-quality technical lighting solutions for interior spaces

For indoor and outdoor lighting in North America:
EXPERIENCE BRANDS USA (USA) – HessAmerica, Griven USA, Pantheon Lighting, Vulkan, Nordeon USA, Lamp, Schmitz, and Wila.


The individual operating companies are strongly represented in the North American market by Experience Brands’ facilities in Gaffney, South Carolina.

Global website:
North American website:

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