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Experience Brands is a progressive international group of established lighting companies, including; .hess, Griven, WILA, Vulkan, Schmitz, Lamp, and Pantheon.  Our selection of brands fulfill every specification-grade lighting requirement for any project worldwide. They provide extensive production facilities, distribution network, product design, and infrastructure to accommodate even the most demanding of projects.


We operate in more than 100 countries and are a global organization with a local understanding.  Our committed teams ensure that our use of innovation and technology are always appropriate for each proposal.  We understand each society is different, and so are we.


The beauty, elegance, and simplicity of our product and lighting designs are matched with our commitment to service and communication.  With Experience Brands, you get a partner for your project and your people

We use our brand’s deep heritage in lighting and technology to create the most energy-efficient, sustainable, lighting projects across all markets, worldwide.



Our vision is to Illuminate Humanity via a caring, sympathetic approach to society in everything we do.  Our methods are under constant review to ensure we are living up to our commitment.  Many of our individual businesses are already being recognized for their sustainability credentials, winning numerous environment awards.


Our values are aligned with our vision and always put people first.



We are looking to forge our own path through the curiosity of our team, suppliers and customers.  We want them to challenge their expectations and participate in shaping the future of the group.



We aim to be socially and environmentally aware in everything we do. Our people are our greatest assets and want to ensure they are nurtured.  We have a commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion and encourage everyone to have a voice.  We are creating bold goals in the pursuit of limiting our environmental impact and aspiring to source more sustainable materials.



We will perform exactly as we say we will.  So will our products.  They will be manufactured to a best-in-class standard and will be easy to install.

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Operational Discipline

We have an ongoing commitment to challenge our operating procedures and insist they be in the best interests of our employees, customers and stakeholders at all times.  We aim to apply continuous improvement methodology to ensure we are always utilising the most appropriate practices and technology whilst maintaining our convenience to our customers.  Pace, accuracy, sustainability, accessibility of information, accountability and safety are the foundation of all our processes.

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We work to make everyone feel involved and committed to each project we undertake.  We aim to create an environment of collaboration that delivers the desired result, every time.



Everyone within the company understands and accepts what a privilege it is to work on your projects.  We take that so seriously; we challenge every member of the Experience Brands team to act as your representative within our organization.

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