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HESS Launches LIGHTLETTER Magazine & Vulkan Releases New Brochure


April 18, 2022


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Staging and animation, communication and interaction, orientation and identity. Light and art in urban space are as complex as the composition of the light spectrum. In this issue of our customer magazine, everything revolves around this interaction and the realization "made by Hess" - including in unique projects in Düsseldorf, Singen on Lake Constance, and in Melbourne, Australia.

Discover the fascinating way in which light and artwork together and what possibilities are offered by the products and special solutions from Hess - including the brand new SHADOW LIGHTS, developed for the award-winning "Kö-Bogen II" project in the city of Düsseldorf. In an interview, Clemens Tropp from TroppLighting and Lutz Büsing from the architecture and design office solonero report on this extraordinary lamp's idea and realization.

We hope you enjoy reading it: LIGHTLETTER MAGAZINE

Download Vulkan's newest Brochure HERE

About Vulkan

Vulkan: A name that stands for tradition, efficiency and technical precision - and for one of the oldest brands in the European lighting industry.

The history of Vulkan begins in 1898 in the Vulkanhallen in Cologne's "Lichtviertel". Gas lanterns as well as cooking and heating appliances were initially produced as the "Actien-Gesellschaft für Gas und Elektrizität". A good decade later, the merger with the "Rheinische Vulkan Chamotte- und Dinaswerke GmbH" led to the production of luminaires for outdoor use.

In 2001, production is relocated from Cologne to Lower Saxony. Vulkan has been a Hess brand since 2018. Consequently, in 2020/2021 production was relocated and integrated to the Hess company headquarters in Villingen-Schwenningen.

For more than a century, Vulkan has been offering technically highly developed lighting solutions and ensuring that streets, traffic junctions, danger spots, pedestrian zones, and public facilities are illuminated in accordance with standards. The focus here is on high functionality and maximum efficiency in extremely attractive conditions.

Depending on the area of ​​application and always closely oriented to the needs of the customer, adapted lighting technologies are developed for modern and particularly durable LED luminaires. This makes Vulkan the perfect contact for cities, municipalities, and energy suppliers.

Together with the Vulkan brand, Hess offers a unique product portfolio as a "one-stop-shop" - from technically efficient to smart, multifunctional luminaires. As a premium supplier, Hess meets all the requirements for lighting design in public and private spaces as well as for the exterior lighting of objects with a wide range of luminaires. Vulkan completes the range with technically efficient outdoor luminaires in an ideal way.

The range of luminaires is rounded off by perfectly fitting, high-quality furniture. The ideal combination of luminaires and furniture allows the realization of holistic concepts and individual special solutions in urban and open space design.

Hess and Vulkan: quality from the Ländle – quality from the Black Forest.

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