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30 Best CEOs of 2022

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January 21, 2022

Illumination plays a major role in the way people understand and experience architecture. Exterior lighting is considered as the medium that will allow us to see and appreciate the effort in the buildings around us adding emotional value to the architecture and creating a wonderful sensorial experience.

Whether functional or decorative, a well-conceived lighting design must be able to reveal the true essence of the illuminated object through a mindful combination of lighting effects and techniques capable of reaching a striking visual impact.

As one of the most dynamic and successful manufacturers in the architectural lighting market, GRIVEN, S.r.l., a private limited company founded in 1990 now part of the Experience Brands group, operates across a constantly increasing number of countries around the world to witness its truly international attitude. At GRIVEN, they have worked hard to build and maintain a reputation as 'Italian Manufacturer of Choice,' ensuring that their expertise and know-how translates into the most efficient, sustainable, and reliable architectural lighting equipment.

Delivering custom solutions for any special lighting design need, GRIVEN's state of the art collection of surface mount, modular, linear, recessed, underwater, and visual display projectors can enhance, with spectacular effects and the boundless versatility of its dynamic and green LED lighting source, the most demanding lighting installations.

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