Lamp is a close company that values teamwork and puts enthusiasm at what we do. Our management, formed by a professional team very experienced in the sector, is accessible and believes in a communication between equals, both with our customers as well as employees and suppliers, with whom we like to maintain a spirit of friendly relationship. The personalized service offered by the employees, from management to the storehouse, transmits trust to our customers and makes us become a local multinational. We empathize with clients and accompany them in each project.

Founded in 1972, we are a rooted company with more than 40 years of history. Our origins begin in Terrassa, Catalonia’s industry motor, and nourishes on industrial and cultural traditions that have accompanied us since our inception, adding the experience we have achieved, and exporting our model of “savoir faire” throughout the world; developing organically and with common sense. With an international view, we export our products and services in different international markets.

We are an integrated company that is in the whole process from the start to the end. The grey matter that thinks, the product designers that carry out the ideas, we test in the lab, we manufacture and we  distribute to the subsidiaries that we have worldwide, until we reach to the construction site. We go “from A to Z” and this allows us flexibility and adaptation that other companies don’t have. We are good at providing custom-made products and we stand out finding lighting solutions.

We are committed to design and engineering because as citizens of Barcelona we carry design in the blood and is part of us. We are committed to innovation, we value creativity and we like to use both to implement technology that is our field. We are a company involved with the design, we show our support and assistance to schools, organizations and associations related to design. We like to be linked to the design world.

We have sensitivity to light. The right light is the key for us. We like to reward knowledge for lighting, and we walk hand in hand with the lighting designer, figure that we consider necessary to make our  vocation for good lighting make sense. For this reason, since 2008 we organize the Lamp Lighting Solutions Awards which value good use of light and give it the prominence it deserves. In addition, we support lighting designers associations and bet on light training. We are involved with lighting from head to heart.